Gemma June Howell's work as an editor is characterised by her generosity, her sensitivity, and her dedication to the craft of writing. She is a tireless advocate for the writers she works with, and she brings a keen editorial eye to every project she takes on.

Gemma's work as the editor of the groundbreaking anthology Land of Change published by Culture Matters is a testament to her vision and dedication as a literary activist. This collection of essays, stories, speeches and artwork showcases the work of some of Wales' most exciting and innovative writers and artists and offers a vibrant and diverse portrait of the country's literary landscape.

Photograph by Keith Evans

Amplifying Voices

As the editor of Land of Change, Gemma brought her deep commitment to social justice and her passion for amplifying the voices of marginalised communities. She worked tirelessly to ensure that the anthology reflected the diversity of Wales' literary traditions and that it provided a platform for writers who are often overlooked by mainstream publishing.


Mab jones

Buzz Magazine

“There is resistance and creativity in all of these works, and the book stands as proof positive of the difference, defiance and infectious vibrancy of the working-class voices of Wales.”

Dr Rhea Seren Phillips

Nation Cymru

“Dr Howell has certainly achieved her aim of creating ‘a plethora [born] of shared experiences’ to ‘preserve a collective of marginalised “others” through the lens of lived experiences.’ Her decision to prioritise authenticity over cost is courageous but it is effective in amplifying the voices within the collection for readers from a variety of backgrounds; texturizing the written through the visual. It is my hope that the anthology reaches a national and international readership to broaden an understanding of this often-stigmatised community.”

Jim Aitken

The Morning Star

“Land of Change is a fine book, notable for its message of unity through diversity. The contributors all demand urgent action on the unacceptable levels of social inequality and class division.”

mike quille

Culture Matters

"As a record of resistance, Land of Change unearths and celebrates the rich and diverse lived experiences of working-class, under-represented and marginalised voices from Wales. Combining fact, fiction and visual art in a wonderful tapestry of text and imagery, it links activism, authorship and artistic expression."


Land of Change is a landmark publication in contemporary Welsh literature, and Gemma June Howell's work as its editor is a crucial part of its success. 

Through her vision and commitment, she has helped to create a space where writers can explore the world around them, challenge the dominant narratives of their society, and forge new and innovative literary traditions

“A vibrant anthology that does not merely reflect the internal differences within working-class solidarities in Wales, but actually substantiates and develops that diversity in its chorus of visual and textual voices. Ymlaen!”
Prof Daniel G. Williams

The result is a collection that is both dynamic and inspiring. The pieces in Land of Change are united by a shared commitment to exploring the complexities of identity, memory, and belonging, and to confronting the social and political issues that are shaping contemporary Wales.