Gemma June Howell

A working class global feminist and change maker working in publishing & academia

Photograph by Gabriella Marie Lewis

Activist Poet & Novellist 


Welcome to the online home of Gemma June Howell, a multi-talented writer, editor, poet, academic and activist. Gemma's work is driven by a passion for justice, a deep sense of compassion, and a fierce commitment to social change.

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Seren Books 
May 2024

'Fierce, furious and heartfelt, Howell's The Crazy Truth explodes from the page with a rawness and a freshness that sucks the reader in. She's a writer unafraid to take risks, and every page of this remarkable debut novel rings with the sharpness of her prose; the truth of her characters.'
Carly Holmes, author of
Crow Face, Doll Face.

'An important and urgent piece of writing - vivid, visceral, gut-punching - like nothing you've ever read. [Written] so vividly and cinematically ... Some sentences will stay with me -  the epiphanies spreading out like sea anemones ... oof - and the brutal descriptions of birth!'
Fflur Dafydd, author of The Library Suicides. 

'An unflinching depiction of working class experiences within a post-industrial landscape, The Crazy Truth is an artwork that pounds the senses with every beat. At its centre is Girlo, a 'warman', whose story we urgently need to hear. I loved it.'
Elaine Canning, author of The Sandstone City. 

Photograph by Gabriella Marie Lewis

Visionary Voice 

Here you'll find a treasure trove of Gemma's literary, academic and grass-roots projects. You'll also be able to learn more about her upcoming events and projects, and connect with her on social media.

Whether you're a fellow writer, poet, reader, an academic, activist or simply someone who cares about creating a more just and equitable world, this is a good place to explore and connect with a visionary voice in contemporary literature and literary activism.