Gemma June Howell has been involved several grassroots organisations and social justice movements in Wales and London. One of her notable contributions is her involvement with The Cardiff Sisters of Solidarity, a feminist collective that works to combat violence against women and promote gender equality in the local community.

As Co-founder and Secretary of the collective, Gemma has helped to organise several events and campaigns, including the Cardiff Sister March in 2017, which aimed to raise awareness of and take a stand against sexual violence, inequality and harassment. She has also been involved in organising poetry readings and workshops as a means of empowering women and promoting creative expression.

In addition to her activism, Gemma's poetry often explores themes of social justice and inequality, drawing inspiration from her experiences as a working-class woman in Wales. Her work with The Cardiff Sisters of Solidarity is a natural extension of this commitment to using art and activism to effect positive change in the world.